Sunday, December 21, 2008

Viva Contrast

There is not something you're supposed to do. There's not something that you should do. There is only that which you are inspired to do. And how do you get inspired except by the contrast? It's the life experience that gives you the idea of the desire, and then as you focus upon the desire, the Energy flows.

Abraham, of course. What freedom...there is nobody you have to please so as to give them cause to feel better about themselves and their beliefs... If what you do or say pleases you, and can then please another, it is because the other person has given you freedom to be who and what you choose to be, and they are but enjoying your joy and pleasure. This is always wonderful. But, if they need you to do or be something before they make the choice to feel good, and you buy into their neediness, then no one is happy and fulfilled. The only thing we are supposed to do is to make choices, and the only way we can make choices is by sorting through contrasts and after briefly allowing them to bring us to awareness of what we don't want to do, be or have, to then give the full weight of our focus on what we actually want to be, do or have, then we are on our way, and indeed Energy flows.

Mary Ellen is speaking Sunday on part 3 of Christmas...What's It All About. It will be a unique service as she, with the assistance of women within the congregation, explores the metaphysics of the women in Jesus' life. After many years of highlighting the men in Jesus life on Christmas Eve, it is high time we explore the effect of the divine feminine within His journey.

Friday, December 12, 2008


"It is very difficult to understand what anybody else's experience is. There aren't enough words to really understand what anybody else is living. Physical beings want things to be the same. They want people to think the same. You work rather hard at sameness, but you will never win that battle, because from Nonphysical, diversity is known to be the most beneficial part of the game."

Abraham...obviously. Do you ever catch yourself thinking you know what is best for someone else, or wanting things to remain the same from one whatever to the next whatever? As Abraham would then say, "How's it working out for you?" An ongoing opportunity is to stay as centered in our personal desires to be ever increasingly tuned in, tapped in and turned on to Spirit and to then leave everyone else out of the picture, for any energy we give toward another seeking to make them conform or wanting the status quo of our lives to remain the status quo forever drains the energy we could use in a far more profitable way. Isn't the key to trust our own guidance system and to know that the same guidance system is firmly in place for everyone else, and to not second guess what their greater good is? Maybe?

Saturday, December 06, 2008


"Anytime you have physical discomfort of any kind, whether you call it emotional or physical pain with your body, it always, always means the same thing: "I have a desire that is summoning Energy, but I have a belief that is not allowing so I've created resistance in my body." The solution, every single time, to the releasing of discomfort or pain--is the relaxation and the reaching for the feeling of relief."

Of course, Abraham. Now, this is either right on, or is the mindless chatterings of some one/s who know not and maybe even know not that they know not. So, should we care to catch it, the ball of proving this Abraham quote is squarely in our laps. Unworthiness would be a belief that will not allow the pure Energy of Source to circulate through us. Habitual habits of nit picking, fault finding, or initially sensing what is wrong in a circumstance or situation rather than a programmed response of looking for what is right and good. This can also be. Then there is the other choice. We can accept that Abraham knows what they are talking about, and if discomfort or pain appears, to realize that we but need to find the places where we are out of alignment and into resistance...and keep looking until we find it!