Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Fable

There is a story of a blind hot dog stand owner who had a very successful business by the side of the road. His wife had died and he was the sole support of a son who he scrimped and sent to college. His son got a degree in banking and money management. After a few months and employed in his area of expertise, he paid his father a visit and told him of the terrible crisis in the financial markets...his father was too busy to listen to TV and couldn't easily avail himself of print news...remember he was blind. Business was very good for the hot dog stand, but hearing his son's news he began to cut back on orders so that when business came his way he wasn't able to supply his customers with hot dogs the way he once did. Sure enough, after a while these customers didn't return and he was able to say, "My son was right, things are terrible and will probably get worse."

Sure, there are things happening in the economic marketplace, and some will use what they hear and read as a broad brush to paint everything they think and do, and once this thinking, feeling and action is brought into one's individual vibrational signature, one will be able to say, "They are right...things are terrible and will probably get worse."

Now is not the time to jettison the knowledge of our access to the unlimited universe and run around like decapitated chickens. Nor is it the time to act unwisely. It is the time to be certain our focus is on placing in consciousness the story of our lives that we want Source to fulfill and hence bring into our economic focus. Remember, we are vibrational beings living in a vibrationally based universe, and are the rendezvous-ers with the manifestations of our input. Many who don't know this or who retrogress, because of what they see, read and hear will choose this same level of fear and foreboding and will prove themselves right. Don't be one of them. There is no lack of dollars...they have not gone away. Source or God can move through an unlimited number of channels unless we only focus on the ones that appear to be a challenge, for then we will be right...unhappy...but right.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Send In the Clowns

Ever think this should be the theme of what presently is going on in the hallowed halls of Congress? With my warped sense of humor I often think of this and especially the line in the song that alludes to the fact that they (clowns) don't have to be sent in, for they are already here. Saying that, for it is better to laugh and find some level of humor than it is to get upset and fearful, please remember that while there may be temporary bumps in the economy, and even one's personal economy, the more we stay tuned in, tapped in and turned on to Source...the more we tell the story of how we want things to be in our lives, the more these energies reach out for fulfillment. Fear and anger "tells" its own story and reaches out for more of the same. Now the good news! Few, proportionally, reach out for abundance and well being, and the pool of dollars only gets larger, so with some who choose to run like decapitated chickens, the more financial supply is accessible to those who hold solid and true. If some choose to experience financial challenges, don't be one of them for by making this choice, the easier it will be to be in the flow of the Abundance of the Kingdom, for fewer are choosing to do so.

Things always work out for me. The cattle on ten thousand hills are mine. Seas part for me. I always have more than enough to do and experience anything I wish. I make decisions not based on finances, but the joy of the experience. Then, come up with your own story and tell it often.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Deliberate and on purpose...

"The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you."

Short and to the point from an Abraham workshop. We are always adding to our vibrational signature to which the Universe (Source-Energy...God) responds. Almost always there is a time delay, and thankfully so, but as we realize that everything in our lives right now, without exception, is the coalesced version of a like frequencied variation of what we have placed in our vibrational signatures, we will become more and more purposeful in what we are embracing. If a thought or practice of another, or event in the world is giving you a "dark taste in your mouth," then don't focus upon it...go to where you can dance with an idea or thought of something that makes your heart sing, and when these vibrations bring things of their kind, rejoice in what you have done.