Sunday, December 16, 2007

Letting go the oars

Abraham continues to use the phrase, ?Let go of the oars and the current will turn you downstream where everything you want is.? What are the oars? Resentments over what another has done or said. Memories that are allowed to rekindle feelings of hurts or injustices. Persistence in stirring around in what is rather than in how we want things to be. Remember, the only thing, the absolute only thing, that stands in-between us and everything we want to do, be or have is us. Undoubtedly another might have done or said some very nasty things, but just the understanding that even then that circumstance was only possible because of a similar vibration held in our vibrational signature, we can begin the process of turning loose of those oars and allowing the current to bring us ever the more quickly into our greater good. We are the creators of our own reality. The good news? We can never get it wrong because we never get it done. Catch with humor the times when you are conscious of padding upstream and the oars will gently slip from your hands.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reaching out...

What happens whenever we watch, hear or read something that brings forth an emotional response within us that can range anywhere from mild irritation all the way to abject fear? The same thing that brings forth an emotional response of appreciation or joy. The emotion we feel needs to be recognized as an indication that we have brought it into, and made it part of, our vibratory signature that we automatically offer to the workings of the Law of Consciousness, similarly called The Law of Attraction. It is exacting and dispassionate in its process of allowing us to be the creators of our own reality. If we can view, read or watch whatever and view it neutrally or even with humor when to the eyes of another there isn't any, probably nothing adverse is taking place...I generally can do this with the snippets I catch about the politics of the season, but if the politics of the season cause resentments, frustrations, even anger and beyond, perhaps we would best serve our own brand of life-reality by watching, reading or listening to something else? Cultivate the gift of freedom to everyone who is but doing the best that they know how to do at that moment, and personally continue to reach for something that feels good, expectant, thankful, kind, fulfilling, loving and peace-filled. Such ain't bad to place within our vibrational signature...

Thursday, December 06, 2007


"Each of us gets to have our own perspective from which we desire or prefer, and Source Energy answers every single one of us. There is no shortage of Source; there is no shortage of answers; there is no shortage of substance. There is no shortage of all of the stuff or non-stuff that any of us wants?there is no shortage of it. It expands proportionately to our ability to desire it."

This quote from Abraham sets the stage for some for a paradigm shift in awareness, perhaps you? Is the Universe limited? Is Source Energy running out of juice? Can another desire more than her share thus leaving less for you? Pretty silly isn't it? Our only limitation is the cap we put on our ability to dream and desire and think big. Our only limitation is making the choice to beat the drum of what we don't want rather than express a continual prater of how we want our lives to be and the joys we want to experience. Our very planet earth was a desire before it coalesced into form, and each and every thing, item, personality, event and circumstance in our lives is there because we set forth a desire for it. So, our desires, in order to serve us, must be laser driven, not widely dispersed and knee jerk in origin. Don't worry about what is. Tell it like you want it to be and desire to your heart's fulfillment, then work on bringing yourself up to vibrational speed with expectation and down-deep feelings of knowing and worthiness.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Question Answered

"Larry, you keep mentioning a vibrational signature, what do you mean?"

A plane in flight has what is called a radar signature, meaning that a good, trained radar technician can almost always tell you what the blip on her screen is indicating as to the size and type of the aircraft that is yet to be seen. Submarines have a distinctive sonar signature that a trained operator can then pinpoint the class of the sub, sometimes down to the actual specific submarine by name. We also have a vibrational signature that we constantly adjust, and it is based on such things as choices to appreciate or condemn, judge or accept, love or hate, and the Universe reads it dispassionately and accurately and sees to it that similar frequencied events, personalities, occurrences and happenings, through the Law of Attraction, are vectored toward us. Indeed, we are the creators of our own reality. I'll bet each of us is catching ourselves more quickly and making choices to allow the ever-present stream to take us to all of the good and wonderful things and moments that are ours...right?