Thursday, August 30, 2007

Path to Peace

"It?s interesting that the path to peace often is war. We, like you, don?t agree that it?s making things better, but we don?t think they?re wrong; and we understand the thinking behind it. And if you get involved in every disagreement of every point of Consciousness, your life?s just going to be in a scramble. Finally you have to say, ?This isn?t about me. I didn?t wage this war. I didn?t pick this war. I don?t understand this war. I?m not going to think about this war, and I?m not going to use it as my excuse to not feel good any more.?

This quote from Abraham reinforces that if we are not in the direct loop of affecting changes in the it as close as someone in our families, let alone Iraq among other continue to stew in it and tie the very peace of our soul to it doesn't serve our own journey which should be joy. Have you ever tried to fix or make right something in the life of a family member who didn't want to be fixed or made right? If you kept trying and made that person the center of your primary thoughts and feelings as you continued to do you best to get that person to do what you wanted them to do so you could feel better, you probably came out on the short end of the stick. If anything isn't in your direct purview to affect a change is being allowed to impact your life to the extent it is now as if beating a dead horse, consider embracing the thought, "This isn't about me. I didn't wage this [whatever]. I didn't pick this [whatever]. I don't understand this [whatever]. I'm not going to think about this [whatever], and I'm not going to use it as my excuse to not feel good any more." That is, unless you enjoy beating the drum of what always feels like a knife in the solar plexus. We do have the choice.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


The world continues presenting to us a wonderful opportunity to stay centered in the Abundance of Source, or take a side trip into the fear of shortage and disempowerment. Remember, if abundance is the drum we are beating and is therefore made an integral part of our vibrational signature...yes we may experience bumps in the road, but never lasting ones. Remember, ours is never to waste energy by infecting our vibrational signature with doubts over "how" or "when," but to know "why." Why? We are extensions of Source Itself and knowing this emotionally as well as intellectually places no other goals (what is held in our vibrational signature) for Law of Attraction to move upon. One who knows and knows that he knows is more powerful than a million whose operating system is based on fear, and while another's consciousness is attracting into her life lack, it need not come by us. Stay centered in Who you are, and the logic of this knowing will fall over Itself, so to speak, as It finds and activates unlimited channels that will flood your life with as much good as can be imagined. Don't sabotage this flow through fear. Remember, only Abundance is synonymous with Who you really are.