Thursday, July 26, 2007


Isn't it interesting that a goodly number of people are far more selective and picky over what they eat than what they think? Even Jesus commented on this and in effect said what goes into the mouth isn't nearly as important as what comes out of other words, thought wrapped around language. Certainly it isn't wrong to be as picky as one might choose to be in the level of foods chosen (whatever that means to anyone), but to then sit themselves down in front of the evening news on TV where they are bombarded with totally indiscriminate images and words doesn't make much sense. The body's a pretty good chemical factory that will do a wonderful job of keeping what needs to be kept and processing what doesn't, but within an environment of a convoluted state of mind this probably doesn't happen as well as it could. This is a vibrationally based Universe, and habitual thought becomes our vibrational signature and it reaches out to bring into our lives, through the Law of Attraction, its equivalent. So, if it is important to us to only have fresh, even perhaps organic, vegetables, grains and similar things, isn't it also important to keep our thoughts centered on fresh and spiritually organic thoughts that insure that the vibrational signature we are offering to the Universe only reaches out to attract clarity, wellness, abundance and joy? Maybe?