Friday, May 11, 2007


All reality is, is the direction of someone?s thought, and for us to think that the evidence of someone else?s thought demands our giving thought and energy to it is backward thinking. We can choose our own reality by choosing that toward which we give thought and of what we beat the drum. And all a belief is, is something we have given a quantity of thought-energy to. So, the same holds true. For us to think that someone's else's belief is always suitable for our very own, is backward thinking as well. We each have access to our own Source and guidance in everything we do and past directions of thought and beliefs we have embraced, if not serving us now, can be changed. Reach continually for what makes you feel better. Reach for thoughts and images of how you want things to be. Spend very little time within what appears to be the now, unless the now is so very wonderful you want to roll it over into tomorrow. In other words, watch what vibrational drum you are beating for it will retrieve back into your life after its kind.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

To do or not to do...

In everything we do, the action part of the process is not as important as is the feeling or emotional set-point behind the action. So, if there is something that doesn't feel good, right, positive or a "hell,yes!" then refrain from an action for it probably will live to haunt us. if the positive feelings are not there, it is because what we are contemplating is not a vibrational match to who we really are. Learning to "listen" to how we are feeling is the key.