Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Reminder

Absolutely everything in life is about our alignment with Source, Which and Who we really are, and our emotions are constantly telling me if we are in alignment with who we are...if we are slightly off course, or way off course, and once we know this and know the meaning of our emotions, we will let them serve us rather than let them drag us down. There are no "wrong" emotions, certainly perhaps ones we don't want to stay within as our predominate set point, yet if but an indication that we are out of alignment with our Higher Self (energy, abundance, love, clarity and joy) to then reach for the satisfaction of knowing that we can begin the process of talking ourselves into, even if only a slightly better feeling emotion. Consciously applied, this will move us toward emotions of knowing, joy, expectation, appreciation and even more, thus bringing us the quicker into these higher vibratory signatures that attract to us everything we have asked for that is just waiting for us to claim.