Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sealing wax...cabbages and kings

If you can not do anything about it, then it doesn?t matter unless you want to bring what you can?t do anything about that is annoying you into your vibrational signature. How much time we all probably spend in stewing about things we really can't do anything about... "But this or than is happening, it's in the world--it's in my backyard." True, but each thing we rag against has its own unique vibration be it discord somewhere, war somewhere, crime somewhere and the trials of the rich and famous. However, the question we are learning to ask and apply is centered around what we want in our vibrational signature, for if we become emotional responsive to all these things, and the Law of Attraction is our ongoing "project manager," then the vibrational equivalents for what we are drawing into consciousness will reach out and find many, many things that resonate with it. Abraham tells us to become very selfish, meaning the recognition that the self is all we really have to work with, and because we are the creators of our own reality, and because the Universe works within the principle of the Law of Attraction, then just perhaps any energy we are giving to the things that we can't do anything about is behind everything in our lives that doesn't reflect or radiate love, abundance, peace and joy. Perhaps? Consult with your Higher Self and see if anything herein said can be applied.