Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Fault Universe

This is a no fault real right or wrong, just energy continually sent forth by us that brings back into our life vibrational equivalents. Hence, no guilt, no shame (unless we rely on what we have been taught by society that then strengthens such within our vibrational signature and brings back more of what we don't want...) and no punishment. We are the creators of our own reality and the Law of Attraction is, as it were, the project manager for our life. We all have a "what is" that we call our present moment, and it may be fantastically wonderful or miserably challenging, and everything in-between. We are where we are. If fantastically wonderful then milk it for all it is worth. Tell everyone who will listen how wonderful things are for you...beat that drum loudly and often for it strengthens this within your vibrational signature and Law of Attraction will effectively manage more similar vibrational equivalents to be drawn into your life. If not so fantastically wonderful then do your best to make your peace with this very moment as we are where we are. BUT, don't tell everyone who will listen how miserably rotten life is, for if that drum is beaten loudly and clearly your project manager (Law of Attraction) will assume you want more of the same. Try to soften words that describe the now that include within them words that reflect thoughts like the best is yet to be, and I am in process of allowing the Universe to bring me into greater and greater good. Then rather than talking about where you are, visualize where you want to be and reach for things and feelings that speak of happiness and joy even if it was a moment that happened a long time ago, and your Project Manager will being working on these things.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Do you ever find yourself in a moment of giving an undeserved amount of attention and energy to the one thing in your life that isn't working at that one moment? So often this is what we unwittingly do. Why? Because we have allowed ourselves to forget that this is an energy based universe and by the unfailing Law of Attraction we are literally asking for more of what we don't want and like. "But," you might say, "this is what is!" This may indeed be true, but do you want more of what is, or more of what you really want? Practice giving the energy of thought and feeling to what you want to have and be, and less to what "is" that doesn't make you feel good, and the sooner you will be where you want to be. Remember, this is a energy based universe (life is consciousness) and we always have access to what is even just a little bit happier and more positive.

To Be Or Not...

Remember, because this is an energy based universe, if we don?t like where we are, the only profitable thing we can do is leave the realm of action and give energy toward seeking a feeling that turns our boat downstream where our greater good always is. It probably was the arena of action, or striving to go upstream that got us into the challenge in the first place. We will always know if and when action is necessary for it will be preceded with an emotion that makes us feel good. The more we can be sensitive to how we are feeling the more we will be aware of our chosen position within the Energy flow that is Source. So, to think of our emotions/feelings as the Holy Spirit that is always "talking" to us, gives us indication to bask in the present thought pattern, or to reach for a thought that moves us to a better emotional or feeling posture. A simple thought to keep in our quiver of available thoughts toward which to turn is Things always work out for me. Even if things do not appear to be doing so, to move to that thought is to make a radical adjustment in the energy signature we are always projecting as a creator and hence to again flow with the divine current and not against it.