Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Vibes

Now is the time to take stock of what might be our vibratory signature toward Christmas, for if we don't consciously view as much of it as we can, we will by default carry the existing one into the current moment. That isn't always bad, for if everything we think and feel about Christmas is warm and fulfilling, then we are flowing with the Idea and not at cross currents with it. What is Christmas? It is the God-Idea of a co-creative experience that is replicated over and over again each time we allow something to be brought forth (birthed) from the invisible into the visible...into our experience. Remember, we are all creating our own brand of reality, so if our Christmas experience is usually not as wonderful and fulfilling as we seek it to be, then we have the opportunity to adjust first our emotional expectations, and then as we are led, any outer practices that might be setting us up for another not so pleasant happening. We are told that all journeys from one place to another begin with not a physical effort, but an emotional reaching for that which becomes the equivalent (vibratory signature) for what we are wanting to demonstrate and enjoy. With Christmas then, if not the peaches and cream in the past that we might have wished, to go back to the God-idea and there to emotionally feel appreciation and thankfulness for the ability...the very ability remember our eternal connectivity with this Idea that births ever new insights into our Oneness with Source. We might even pull back from things that others think we should do, or things surrounding Christmas that we have done in the past that no longer give us pleasure and excitement.
Who are you? You are Source Energy walking point in the arena of where it is at (bad sentence structure), but that is where you are! Things are suppose to always work out for you in joy, abundance, love, fulfilling experiences and all the rest. Beat this drum and treat this Christmas as a brand new moment...see what happens.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Absolutely everything that is currently expressing in any capacity within our life experience is there because we have a vibratory match for its energy based on the vibratory signature we have established in consciousness. What this is then saying is as we beat the drum of unfairness, or the absence of good, life, love, abundance and joy, we are reinforcing an energy pattern within us that brings to pass more that we do not want. We are told that this is an inclusive universe and this further means that it reads our emotional signature more than words we might use. Whatever we are giving energy to, then, brings to pass after its kind in our world. You have heard this more than once from me, and at some point we will all take it to heart and learn to think thoughts, speak words, and reach for feelings of what we want more of, not what we want to diminish, unless sympathy from others for our perceived victimization is more valuable than is a more sunny tomorrow.