Thursday, September 21, 2006


Feeling grumpy? Feeling disempowered? Feeling out of sorts? Feeling anything but hopeful, optimistic and similar things? We all have our moments. So, what do you do if you are grumpy? If you know you are and it is a way station out of an even lesser feeling or emotion, then give yourself permission to be there. When you are tired of being a grump or something similar, a simple "trick" (that isn't a trick at all) is at hand. Consciously reach for something that would make you feel better...don't reach too high or far for the leap will be too great. Is cautiously optimistic a possibility? Then use that as a target and wrap around it reasons why it is logical for you to move to that plateau. Keep at the foundation for this new line of thought spirituality, worthiness and acceptance. To do nothing, and especially to say to anyone who will listen, "This is just the way I am," won't eventually be satisfying. You, you see, are worthy of joy, ecstasy and peace, for you are an extension of That which is ecstasy, peace and joy, but we generally have to consciously move ourselves along the path that will eventually lead us to that place wherein we already abide. Sounds like a conundrum, doesn't it?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Making The Best of the Now

A simple fact of the spiritual journey...the consciousness (vibration or frequency) with which we allow our now to be wrapped becomes the foundation for the now's of tomorrow. Notwithstanding that some of the now's we encounter suck, to make a conscious decision to redecorate our present perceptions of any now we may be within is a step toward the ability to experience more of what we actually do want in in the now's of our tomorrows which are yet to be. So, that being said, what can you do that allows you to make even just a little better the present moment? What can you do that will allow mind and heart to make the very best of the now wherein you find yourself? Maybe can you reach for a thought of this too shall pass? Can you make the jump to the thought things are beginning to turn a corner in my life? Can you orchestrate whatever needs to be done to convince yourself that because God is the only presence/power that you always have access to something better than the perceived now? Pollyanna? Fine, if that gets you through this moment and into a new one. I will think a happier thought! I will reach for a happier feeling. I can do this and my tomorrow will be blessed with even greater abilities to accept my good!

By No Other Way

There is a poem by a past editor of Daily Word, Martha Smock, that in essence gives verse to the idea that we are where we presently are, because by no other way than the way that we have experienced, could we be in the place that we call our now. (If you would like a copy of the poem, you can request it by responding to this email.) This being said, even if the path we have chosen has not been the most pleasant, it was what it was and contributed to the place of the now. You are where you are and this is absolutely all with which you have to work. You cannot undo what has happened, what has been done or not are where you are. Each moment always brings a new opportunity and it is to allow it to be a new moment, or we can reinvest into the now all the past stuff that brought us to this moment and by so doing duplicate its architecture and decorative environment over and over again. Remember, we are never stuck in the experience of life, for life continues to offer change. What we might be doing is refusing to let the new moment be a new opportunity, and bringing forth only the template from the path that brought us to this moment as the standard for our today. Give thanks for the path that you have trod and accept that you are where you are, but also not bound to old thoughts, beliefs or patterns that become your truth and then become your reality.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Every stick has two ends

Every subject we think of or speak to can be likened to a two ended stick, on one end can be thought to be the things we want to experience and have, while on the other end can be found energies around our not experiencing or having the very same things. What I am learning is the absolute need on our part to give energy (thought and feeling) only to what it is we want to experience and have, and not to dilute this with energy spent toward our not having or being where and what we want. "I seek and behold myself being in the flow of Source Energy (God) that manifests through me as (vibrant health, abundant supply, perfect relationships...)." Then sometimes the thought, that becomes feeling, that then almost always manifests as conversation, "But the body is sick, the pocketbook is empty and my marriage sucks." This may all be presently true, but to beat that drum but assigns more energy to it and consequently brings more of it to pass in our lives. Yes, the other end of the stick might be presently present, but to consciously direct energy and emotion through us toward what we want, even seeking to ignore the seeming evidence to the contrary, brings us the quicker into alignment with the fulfillment of our dreams and desires. We are the authors of our own reality, and purposeful thought and feeling is the way we allow our ship of state to turn and flow with the good that is always flowing from God. So, watch which end of the stick you are using to beat your drum.