Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Opportunity

The Universe is so very kind...within its auspices we have another opportunity to beat the drum of outrage and lack, or non-resistance and peace. Over what? Let's start with the price of gasoline and the profits that the oil companies are supposedly making, not to further mention the executives. Remember, that to which we give our energy will but increase in our lives and experience, and especially this is true if flavored with a strong emotion of outrage. "But it is wrong" you might be saying. Fine. Will outrage and bemoaning how much more is now coming out of your available dollars change anything? Will you get the ear of the executives, let alone the Universe? As to the executives, that is a probable "not." As to the Universe, most certainly, but It will, in effect, "hear" your cry as something you want more of. Why not beat the drum of peace and the ability of the Unlimited Universe to but manifest more abundance so as to more than compensate for what extra is being paid? What will make you feel better? You see, outrage and lack come from a sense of powerlessness, and this never feels good and but creates more after its kind. Because we each make our own reality, move toward feelings that feel better. If listening to the news, or reading the newspaper causes foment, then why feed the fire? Anything else in the news or your life is has your drum beating toward powerlessness, judgment and fear?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Journey On The Happy

Just a can't ever do anything wrong and you will never find completion to the point where you can kick back and have nothing more to do, accomplish, or want. Life gives unto us a never ending opportunity to gain experience. Some choices we want to replicate and others to never do again, but we can't ever do anything wrong, for the only place "wrong" and "right" exist is in our pronouncement we make upon things and outcomes. Remember, if we allow another to make these pronouncements upon us we have, in effect, sold our heritage for a bowl of porridge. Why? Others have no concept of our journey or goals, for everything they see about us is filtered through their journey and goals and never the twain shall meet. So, accept and love yourself right where you are, for it will change. How? For the better if our vision and energies are centered on what we want, not upon what and how things appear to be in this one moment. Ever done a Treasure Map? Dig it out and see if it is up to date. It is a fantastic tool for creating a tomorrow more to your liking.