Friday, March 24, 2006

Your Right Place

Have you ever affirmed I am always in my right and perfect place at the right and perfect time? Borrowing a term, that is a good drum to beat within consciousness, for it is a kind of "plug in" that we bring into our innermost being that brings us into conscious awareness of the activity of Source Energy (God) as It expresses through us. It is almost like we are giving permission for a new level of awareness to bless us. Assuming you have made this affirmation, what is it that we then many times do? Stuck in traffic we begin to beat on a different drum...the drum of the stupidity of the drivers in front us, the inane programmer of the length of time the red light stays on, and so forth. No. If we embrace the Law of always being in our right place at the right time, we then trust this activity for to disengage from it short circuits the blessing of knowing that we have affirmed. Trust! What might have been down the road that we are not there to meet, for the Law engaged will always buffer our journey. Then extrapolate the other affirmations often made...There is but one Presence, one Power, God the good omnipotent. What about Iraq or Aruba? Beat the drum of Iraq and Aruba and you have lost your peace. Be selfish in your spirituality. You cannot fix another, let alone another nation. So, watch what drum you are beating, for it will be yours.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rest Easier

Do you realize that you will never arrive, and that you can't do anything wrong? More than that, you have never done anything wrong. Let's look at the "never arrive" thought first. Where would you like to arrive? Hypothetically let's say that you have a goal for a different job or location. Isn't it true that once you achieve it, you will but set your sights for more? You but established a new set point in your journey that needs to expand. If you have yet a thought of "arriving" at heaven and see that as a future point or occurrence for you...and if "arriving" means an eternity of lethargy to join the presumably billions of others to be with will eventually find out that heaven isn't a place, save the place wherein you now find yourself. Because heaven is a state of consciousness, and because consciousness is continually unfolding and growing you will but come to different set points and then launch forward into yet more. Now, about the "wrong" issue. Everything in your life that came to pass from a decision or choice (and this is actually everything) brought you into the effect realm of a cause. "But," you might say, "it was painful, humiliating, and degrading." Perhaps that was your interpretation, however, it was a neutral event that brought experience into your journey until, that is, you put a label upon it. And, to continually beat the drum of the errors in your life, is to keep fresh and new the causes that will but go forth to replicate themselves. Rest easier and be in the now.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Have you noticed that hope takes energy? Have you ever hoped that something would happen and found the experience emotionally draining? Even the Apostle Paul's words, Christ in you, your hope of glory, but leaves one hoping that something happens. Doesn't this then also leave the distinct possibility that sometimes what is hoped for won't happen? So, in this regard, and with Paul's permission, I would substitute the word "assurance" for "hope" for this better tells the process of Christ in you. Within the Kingdom, you and your journey as a co-creator is forever safe and secure; it isn't something that is hoped for but assured, for you are now and always will be as God created you. "Assurance" means you don't have to strain or even entertain the remote possibility that it isn't True. Doesn't that take a load off your day?