Friday, January 27, 2006


Do you ever talk to yourself? Of course. We all do. Yet we each are probably not too mindful of what we are saying and its effects. Have you ever had feelings of anger or fear, joy or ecstasy? Of course. But when we combine feelings of anger or fear with self-talk that is degrading and full of prognostications of doom and gloom we give direction to the law of attraction toward results we really do not want. This "Law" is how absolutely everything has found its way into our life, for it sets up a spiritual flux that draws to it according to our choices. If this wasn't the case then indeed the universe could be said to be unfair and even cruel. So, begin to use the Law consciously to your advantage, not sloppily out of ignorance. How?

Set aside a period of time each day where you formally present to yourself a mini-reminder of what it is you are seeking to demonstrate, not what you don't want, or what you might be accepting for yourself by default. Call these affirmations if you wish, but speak specific direction to the Energy of Source into your life. Write a script so you can remember what it is you really want to attract and demonstrate. Be sure that you move into this moment with at least an emotion of joy, if not ecstasy?not defeatism or a sense of it really won't work. If that is present, these emotions will nullify your effort. How long should one do this exercise? Until there is a breakthrough. It is an immutable Law that works through us?either consciously or by default toward something we really do not want. Be specific and explicit about how you want every area of your life to appear. The Law of Attraction will work, for it is Law.