Friday, December 30, 2005


As we move into another new cycle that we refer to as 2006 we would remind you of a few things. First, the best is always yet to be, but in order for that best to be realized we must continually refine the foundation we want it to rest upon. 2006, like 2005 and every year previous, will be a series of "now" moments each fraught with unlimited potential and possibility for God isn't incrementally released unto us, but continually given in completeness. However, it is consciousness that captures, as it were, this Completeness that is Source. Consciousness is our foundation and this must needs to be continually refined, deepened and even pruned. So, the more time we take to center ourselves in our Holiness and the Holiness of our brothers and sisters?the more time we take to think the thoughts of God?the more time we spend in exercising the who and the what we are in God, and the Who and the What we are in God?the more Truth our consciousness can understand and then demonstrate.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas, an eternal experience

In all reality, Jesus is very capable of celebrating His own awakening and physical birth. Ours is not to let our celebration of this event overshadow our own spiritual awakening to the very same Truth that gave Him the power to do and be what He was and is. This is not to say we withdraw from the trimmings and celebrations of Christmas, but to not partake to the extent where we only look backward to what we think was, but look to the now as what was gives us incentive to dig more deeply into who and what we are in God and Who and What God is in us. Here we will find the very same potential and Reality as did Jesus, for God has only one Idea of man-ifestation, and you and He share that very same Idea. Remember, Christ is the name of a level of awareness of the Truth that indwells our innermost being...become it!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sunday Lessons available

On there again is a link to Sunday lessons given by me and Mary Ellen. We are building the site again as the person who once provided this to us no longer chooses to do so. The lessons will stream if one is using Windows Media Player as their default player. Or you can go directly to the URL below.