Tuesday, October 11, 2005

End of the World?

I am hearing the ever increasing warning by some of our fundamentalist friends that the recent events upon planet earth are but evidence of God having had enough with humankind and is unleashing "His" displeasure in the form of earthquake, wind and flood. Any possibility here? Well, yes...but it isn't God doing something as a conscious act, as we might allow something to irritate us to the point of an unkind action. Remember, our world reflects the consensus consciousness of the human family, and disorder in, disorder out--inharmonious in, inharmonious out. Much like our individual lives manifest our consciousness, so the world becomes a mirror of the preponderant ideas held within the minds of each.

It appears to be a slow learning process that we are in the loop of all things, but be that as it may, our personal responsibility is to be centered in a thought such as "Love is my decision," and let this govern our lives. From this consciousness we will be unerringly led to be in our right and perfect place at the right and perfect time. Everyone has access to this choice, but we cannot make this choice for anyone save ourselves; we cannot fix the world, but we can be part of the solution and not the problem. Are you making love your only decision?