Sunday, August 28, 2005


This post will be more time sensitive than most, but I am hearing from Chairman Greenspan forecasts of things happening to the housing market that will spell disaster for many people, and unfortunately many people will respond to this issued warning with fear, and fear is an ugly thing for it will spill over into all aspects of our world. Will things continue as they have been in our financial markets? Of course not, for the pendulum always swings, but is fear the logical response on our part? Certainly not the best of choices. Am I saying not to move upon our lives with wisdom, prayer and thoughtfulness and then to follow through with whatever guidance we receive? Again, certainly not for this is the path of the spiritually aware. Should you be listening to Mr. Greenspan or others whose prognostications bring up the specter of fear, pull yourself back to the Center and affirm the Truth...God is my Source and I am part of the Abundant Universe. In this consciousness I know what to do and I do it in gentleness and love.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Ever wonder why there were no dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? I pose this question because of my brethren who insist that the Bible is the literal word of God and to therefore be not interpreted but taken literally as the word of God from Genesis through Revelation. "The dinosaurs were long sense extinct," I might hear. Ah...this then leads us to a very slippery slope for Noah was early on in the great scheme of things, and certainly had a T-Rex been present in the Garden of Eden it would have dined on Adam and Eve. So, one of the bumps on our ride down the slippery slope would tell us that life on this planet has been around for perhaps millions of years, not the 5 thousand (thereabouts) that are claimed by some. All I am saying is to keep open to our Bible being not necessarily only a literal document but perhaps a metaphysical one that speaks to each man's and woman's journey from the Adam or Eve state of consciousness all the way to the Christ as exemplified by our Elder Brother. Unity teaches, and I believe the garden story to be an allegory...indeed Genesis was written about half-way into the dates of the earlist and latest books of the Old Testament...and an effort to speak to a process that is always on-going within the even unfolding consciousness of each. Gets one to think? Maybe?