Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Example or Exception

The point of departure from Unity/New Thought and more fundamentalist Christianity is here at this point. As we move closer toward the understanding of our Oneness with God it is imparative that we begin to understand that God has but one Idea or "template" (spoken to in John 3:16) out of which creation has emerged, thereby fruther understanding that Jesus was/is not the great exception, but the Great Example of what happens when one finally remembers his or her Oneness with God and acts upon it.

Within each is also this Divine Idea and therefore it is ours is also become who and what we actually are created to be. You are a spiritual being but having a human experience, and the core Truth of your being will at last be expressed when you take on the mantle of a Christ and from this state of consciousness learn what it means to be in the world but not of it.

When asked "Do you believe that Jesus was the Son of God?" my replay is most certainly, but so are you.

Does this mean that Jesus is not your savior? In the respect that what He can do eliminates what you need to do? Yes, it means just that. In the respect of showing the tools that allow each to go deep within consciousness to make whatever new choices need to be made and by so doing to become our own "savior?" Yes, that is our process. Look to another so as to have done for you something that must be done through you, and you will wait a long, long time. Begin to sense Jesus as Elder Brother, Wayshower and Friend, and see where that leads you. He is yet available to walk with you, but never for you.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Why doesn't God do something about.... ? Why did God allow that to happen? Where was God when I needed Him (Her)? I prayed and my friend died anyway, where was God?

Ever ask these questions? Recently a book addressed these questions within the topic of why bad things happen to good people. I never ask these questions, in fact I can't remember ever doing so for I was blessed some 67 years ago to be born into a Unity family and such questions are completely incongruous with my God-Idea, yet I realize that many yet worship a God that not only never existed, but does not exist, meaning a God "out there" someplace Who can be plea bargained with and convinced to come and do something based on one's specific and often selfish prayer.

God is Principle and always works through humankind, never to them. Always this Energy takes the form, shape and direction of consciousness...Individually for each, and through a collective consciousness that the world possesses. (I have addressed this subject earlier in my blog site; go back and read previous sharings) I never pray for something specific to happen for myself or another, instead centering my own being in peace for the right outworking of my life and the life of another, for the more I know that God is but Love, I know that the highest good of each moment is always in process and I can trust the activity of Love to fulfill Its nature through each. Ask "why" if you wish, but it is a question that will wind you into the ground sideways. Seek the activity of Love within and It will always reveal process and purpose.

God "knows" not flood, earthquake, pestilence or fire. If God "knew" these things, they would be forever. Human consciousness knows these things because they are the direct result of our misdirection the power of thought. This is why Unity and New Thought teach affirmative prayer, for true prayer tweaks consciousness to accept what already has been given, and knows it is without nothing.


So many people are into taking inventories, initially of others which is the first step in understanding the one Law that we think to be outside of ourselves, and which then results in judgment and condemnation...not the best use of one's time. Then, after we discover that this doesn't bring the results we desire, the next step is to move into taking an inventory of the self as we begin to see that we are in the loop of all effects. All 12 step groups have this as a part of the process. So they begin their process of really looking at the self, and what then occurs more than not is they only stop at the surface of things, and way more often that that, they see only that which have been labeled sinful, mistake, personal flaws and similar things. Not a bad start to the process, but I encourage anyone to not stop there, for these things are but the facade of the soul. Of course, behold what needs to be addressed and changed and use whatever tools are at your disposal to accomplish this, but then be willing to delve more deeply and here you will discover the holiness and purity of your sacred origins. Don't ever fall into the trap of claiming that you are the flaws or mistakes, for if you do their effects will be with you forever...well, not forever, for at some moment you will realize that they are not you. You see, you are a Spiritual Being but having a human experience. The body and this dimension are tools of learning and communication that will last but for a very brief moment in eternity. Don't stumble over the experiments with life that didn't work, but use them to rise into a more deeper understanding of your Oneness with God. In Truth, you are as God created you, and only this is Real.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Sometimes we forget to question the most important things in our lives assuming that what we once believed or were taught is totally correct. If this were unquestionably held to, we would all be members of the Flat Earth Society. Pushing the point, if we were taught that 2 plus 2 equaled 5 and attempted to live our life based on this possibility we would find challenges all over the entire spectrum of our existence. Eventually a light would go on and we would seek for why nothing was working. Generally we are slow to do this in our lives for the majority of us make the sweeping assumption that our belief system and values, because someone taught them to us, are right and without the need for review or change. I would say that if anything in our lives right now are not expressing abundance, life, peace and joy that somewhere we are holding to be true the equivalent of 2 plus 2 equaling 5. These qualities of abundance, life, peace and joy are normal and a part of our true nature. If they are not found within your experience of life, begin a gentle search for a belief about the self or God that is not true, for if we hold even an untruth to be true, we will experience an expression of this untruth somewhere in our lives. What if you began to look at everything and anything with a willingness to accept that you probably really don't know what it means, only then to ask Spirit (God) for a new insight? Express to the Universe that you are willing to be taught anew and then be open and receptive to how the Universe will express back to you through perhaps a book, a conversation or a lecture. We can either be happy or right. The choice is always ours.