Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Better It Gets

One who is mostly an observer thrives in good times but suffers in bad times because what he is observing is already vibrating, and as he observes it, he includes it in his vibrational countenance. As he includes it, the Universe accepts that as his point of attraction and gives him more of it. So the better it gets the better it gets. Or the worse it gets the worse it gets. While one who is a visionary thrives in all times. Abraham

And, the times are fertile with opportunities to prove the action of the Law of Attraction...perhaps I even have a knack for the underestimate. Where our attention is focus there the Law accepts that as the indicator of what we want more of. Hence as we find things we don't want and shout no at them in whatever variety of ways we can, the call goes forth for cooperative components of our request and they appear with far more frequency and voracity throughout our lives. A visionary is one who continues to look for indicators of things getting better and uses that as their focus. Successful 100% of the time? Probably not as long as we are wearing a human garment, but the more we do it, the easier and better it gets, and consciously doing this puts us in a place where we are no longer subject to unhappy rendezvousing, or at least as many of them until we truly mostly come from a tuned in, tapped in and turned on state of awareness.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger jay bedford said...

yes larry i have found the way of oneness sometimes qite challenging in this human garment. it involves much spiritual work and minding my business as mary ellen pointed out in one of her sermons. but as you said its worth our persaverance to stay tuned in because of the beautiful fruits we can attract in our lives. i feel like you and mary ellen are like aquila and presilla of whom when they took paul aside they expounded unto him the way of god more perfectly. i think that is found in the book of the acts of the apostles? i feel that is how you have affected me. i went on line and bought as many unity books as i could find. classic books by eric butterworth , emily cady, charles and mrytle fillmore, elizabeth turner, gardner hunting, martha smock, and mant others. i am devouring them. i started a blog and i post quotes from the books i am reading with short comments . you can see them. my blog is called jays thoughts at jay-bedford. i know you are very busy as a pastor and i understand if you didnt have time to look at it. thats okay . thanks again for your sermons. they are a real blessing to me.


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