Thursday, February 25, 2010

Contacting us

When we get a response to a blog that contains a question, unless that person gives us a way to contact them via e-mail we feel a little frustration. If you want an answer, please respond and include your e-address.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger jay bedford said...

Hi Larry, hey thanks for all the good messages! I've really been blessed. I can feel all the good vibes in the sermons I've been listening to on the "oompa" truthes. I was in Phoenix for a 4 day meeting with some churches we are assocated with in Arizona. The minstry discusses bible doctrines and we have what we call "threshing floors" at these meetings. When a brother speaks he speaks subject to question. This is how we have arrived at what we believe as truth. This discussion of truth is likened to a threshing floor in the old testament where the pure grain of the wheat is seperated from the chaff. The brothers were talking about how to attain the perfection spoken by Paul in Hebrews 6:1-3, and what Jesus referred to in Mathew 6:53. Later that night at the hotel I was listening to some sermons I downloaded to my iPod from your archives and realized wow , Unity has the answer to what these brothers were discussing! In your teaching I am hearing the message of how man has not so much to attain perfection but rather REMEMBER the perfection or wholeness or oneness that he has never in reality lost. I am learning so much from Unity. I really believe my vibrational signature as you say , is drawing to me these beautiful truthes I am hearing from Unity, ACIM, and Abraham allthough I am not to sure what Abraham is alltogether. If what I have been expressing is not quite right for this venue please let me know. My e-mail is ( ) God bless.


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