Friday, October 23, 2009

"Begin modulating thought in terms of the way that it feels rather than in terms of the results that it will net you. The tendency is to flow a little Energy and then take score. Well, the problem is, as you flow the Energy, the Universe responds instantly. But when you take score, you're right back in that reality again." Abraham

This got my attention and I heard a note of confirmation within me. As creators of our own realities, we begin to catch sight of the process by which we change the vibrational signatures we are offering to the Law of Attraction and within this process begin to focus our words and thought on what we want to be, do and have, not the contrast that gave rise to our greater good. Then the moment we take stock or take score of "Is it really working," in that moment we are right back where in the old version of reality we want to transform. Jesus mentioned cautioned that once we put our shoulder to the plow we must not look back. My words, but it is the essence of the thought. Then more on the "how." Modulate all thought on what feels good and hold to the focus that this is the process that changes reality for us.


At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth Palmer said...

Once I had a very powerful dream that still today seems more than a dream. In it, I am a victim of home invasion. I am terrified then I remember that I can create my reality. I begin to affirm that I am safe and God is protecting me. It worked, the men were gone. Then in the dream, I wondered, did I really do this, are they really gone? Suddenly, they were back in my living room, and the dream looped back to where I was affirming I am safe. The dream is at least 20 years old, but I have never forgotten it.


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