Thursday, April 09, 2009

We truly call the shots

"Find thoughts that feel good, because it is inevitable that you are going to always be moving toward something. So why not be moving toward something that is pleasing? You can't cease to vibrate, and Law of Attraction will not stop responding to the vibration that you are offering. So, expansion is inevitable. You provide it, whether you know you do, or not. The only question is, what is the standard of joy that you are demanding for yourself? From your Nonphysical perspective, it's a high, high standard." (Abraham)

Would we want it different? Would we really want to be out of the loop of how manifestation happens? Would we actually opt to live in a universe where a roll of the dice determined our experience? Unity and New Thought have taught that life is consciousness, but really never delineated specifically the why. Napoleon Hill's original manuscript for Think and Grow Rich had frequent references to vibration, but the editors removed it, for somehow many are even frightened by the prospect of our being in the loop of how things come about in our lives, and it is all based on the Law of Attraction and the vibrational signature we are offering. As it has been said, it isn't our weakness that frightens us, it is our absolute power and authority.

So, find thoughts that add cubits of goodness to the vibrational signature you cannot help but offer to the Universe for fulfillment. Ratchet up the standard for joy, appreciation and thankfulness you are offering. If in the middle of something that truly sucks, reach for a level of feeling that doesn't. Dredge the past, present and the anticipated future for stories that bring joy to the surface. Never tell the story of what you don't want to be, do or have unless you want more of it--yet, you are eternal, so you truly can never get it wrong because you never get it done.


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